2019 Art Director : Meghan Kraft



Meghan is a Toronto based Creative Director, Brand Strategist and Content Producer. Her creative career began with a background in performing arts and later exploded after launching her first clothing brand Illbury + Goose in 2012. Currently she is the Creative Producer of Weedbox, a fast growing cannabis brand.

As a global citizen, she travels the world to find inspiration and build connections for many of her projects; most recently spending time in California, India and Bali. Her educational background in Human Behavior has given her a unique perspective on experiential marketing and creative storytelling, which she applies to many of her projects including the inaugural Greenwood Stakes.  

She has been recognized across Canada as an influential young female entrepreneur, and currently sits as a member of Notable’s Board of Advisors.

Meghan’s career is all about bringing together the best and brightest creators in her industry, and Greenwood Stakes is no exception.


Elise Goodhoofd (CHalk Artist)

Finding the balance between corporate and personal, Elise Goodhoofd lays YOUR passion on the page with her exquisite talent of design and creativity. Toronto has served Elise and her team well as a home base for many years, and many years beyond. Flaunting a resume with the stamps of Deloitte, Google, Harley Davidson, Interac, Labatt as well as Toronto’s locally respected artisans and prevalent businesses, her skill set stretches a broad stream of captivation and marketability. The goal is to take YOUR ideas, whims, and passions and produce a work of art that astounds. Stop looking and let’s start creating. Elise is a graduate of Seneca College’s Graphic Design Program.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure (Stylish photobooth)

Her Majesty’s Pleasure is an intersection of beauty services, a fully licensed bar, café, social venue and luxury retail boutique offering the most unique lifestyle experience. We use award-winning design to achieve a blended sense of luxury and escape, while our services invite clients to partake in life’s best pleasures. Truly the royal treatment. Everything we do at Her Majesty’s Pleasure has been thoughtfully designed, developed and acquired with the sentiment of love and happiness – wellness and beauty inside and out. The idea of having the choice to both detoxify, as well as invigorate and intoxicate your senses (in a single venue), gives our guests the best of ALL worlds!

Make time for pleasure with us.

Liz Babkin (Pop-Art)

Toronto Artist Elizaveta by Liz Babkin will be exhibiting her bright ‘pop’ style art that explores themes of femininity and empowerment. Her works are inspired by various artist and illustrators like Laura Callaghan, Briony Douglas, and Roy Lichtenstein.

Jaycow x Everyone is an artist (Hat parade)

Teaming up to produce an exclusive activation are Jay Cheng, the Official Milliner for Greenwood Stakes and Founder of Everyone Is An Artist, Kyle Kofsky.

Internationally Acclaimed Milliner and Style Icon Jay Cheng, Founder of Jaycow Millinery is known both for her playful innovation and her meticulous craftsmanship. Her international clientele include private hat-lovers, brides, costume designers, and renowned celebrities. Jay has traveled the world honing her craft, and counts many of today’s Millinery Masters as her friends, teachers, and colleagues.

Known for creating unexpected and immersive experiences, Kyle Kofsky works with an incredible cross section of individuals and institutions in the Art, Culture, and Media sectors of Toronto.

As a gift to you, we would like to offer Guests of Greenwood Stakes $100 off a sample piece or bespoke creation. Visit the shop at jaycowmillinery.com to set up a design consultation.

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