A New Era of Trackside Culture Has Begun


At the foot of Woodbine Avenue and Lake Ontario, the Greenwood Raceway horse racing facility was inaugurated. Through these gates champions would be made, bursts of laughter and excitement as the horses round the bend and the most stylish urban dwellers would revel in a good-old fashioned day at the races. 

Horse racing in Toronto was enjoying a golden age of popularity, dominating the summer sports pages of the city’s newspapers, with four tracks in operation. A Gatsby-esque crowd of society revellers, business professionals, and creative artists roam the concourse, buzzing with energy.

Woodbine Racetrack stands on the precipice of a new adventure of expansion - the next chapter of an impressive cultural legacy. In moving forward, the Greenwood Stakes emerges as a contemporary and chic nod to a sophisticated and rich history - one that much like the golden ages of society horse racing - puts fashion, art, music and cocktails at the heart of the celebration.