• Alcoholic Beverages regardless of container or carrier (except for those sold on-site)

• Illegal or Controlled Substances

• All forms of Recreational cannabis

• Weapons or imitation thereof inclusive of knives

• Coolers

• Cans and Glass Bottles

• Un-sealed beverages inclusive of water or soft-drinks.

• Professional audio or video recording devices and/or equipment

• Cameras and respective equipment of professional or high quality

• Tripods

• The use of any remote-controlled drone (UAV)

• Backpacks, luggage or duffle bags greater than 15” in any direction

• Fireworks, sparklers, noise makers, air horns, laser lights/pointers

• Animals (except for service dogs for guests with disabilities)

• Any items deemed dangerous and/or inappropriate

Woodbine Entertainment Security Services, and its partners, reserve the right to turn over prohibited items related to illegal or controlled substances, alcohol, and weapons to the Toronto Police. All other items may be returned and secured in your personal vehicle or abandoned upon entry. Please note that Woodbine is not responsible for items left in vehicles. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Video Surveillance

In order to operate a secure and responsible facility, CCTV surveillance cameras are in use throughout Woodbine Entertainment facilities.